A band unlike any you've heard. Blue Dali combines alternative, rock, and classical songwriting with Beatles and Queen-style vocals that are executed with Radiohead, Muse, Dream Theater and Faith No More instrumentation.

About the Band


Blue Dali is a rock band that is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their five person line-up creates songs comprised of original music, dynamic songwriting, and introspective lyricism.

All the members of Blue Dali sing and play multiple instruments. The band's obsession and focus are to create new forms of music that are both catchy and yet challenge the listener. Blue Dali's unique sound comes from varying sources that range from Alternative to Brit-pop to Progressive to Rock/Pop. The lyrical content of their songs are part reality, part philosophy, and part dream. Each of the lyrics in the songs represent multiple stories and experiences which form a cohesive message together.



Band Bios

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Mark Tortorici
Vocals, Piano, Bass
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Nicholas Barry
Guitar, Vocals
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Paul Goldberg
Bass, Vocals
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Greg Barry
Guitar, Vocals


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    South First Friday

    Blue Dali plays a special acoustic show for South First Fridays...

    2015Oct 2
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    1st CD Release Show!

    Blue Dali CD release shows are in the works! The first one is at the Backbar...

    2015August 28
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    Kickstarter End

    The Blue Dali Kickstarter campaign ends on April 8th! Go to the Kickstarter page to help contribute!

    2015April 6
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    Kickstarter Start

    The Blue Dali Kickstarter starts. Go to the Kickstarter page to help contribute for the new album!

    2015Feb 27
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    Live at the Backbar

    Usurper Vong, NME, and the Red Eye Jedi. Show starts at 8 pm.

    2014Sept 25


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    No Exit is Here!
    Posted on: August 28, 2015

    The new album No Exit...and other Existential Drama has been released.

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    Kickstarter campaign
    Posted on: Feb 17, 2015

    Help fund the design, mixing, mastering, and pressing of the new album by by Blue Dali.

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    New album release
    Posted on: Jan 1, 2015

    New album by Blue Dali called No Exit...and other Existential Drama to be released in spring 2015.


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